Diversity and Inclusion: Must-Have Truck Driver Recruitment Strategies

Diversity and Inclusion: Must-Have Truck Driver Recruitment Strategies

There has been a seismic shift happening across all industries to promote diversity and inclusion in their business models, and the trucking industry is no exception. The trucking industry has always been seen as a predominantly older white male industry, leaving little room for women, people of color and others to join the workforce.

With the ongoing cultural shift, it’s critical for your fleet to be positioned as a champion of diversity and inclusion. By promoting diversity, your organization gains access to an untapped pool of quality talent from people from all walks of life.

This article will cover diversity and inclusion recruitment strategies, so your fleet can attract and grow a more diverse workforce.

Hire More Women

As the trucking industry grapples with finding truck drivers, there’s a huge hiring opportunity that’s only barely been tapped into. Even though the trucking industry is male dominated, there is an increasing number of women who are dedicated and want to join the trucking workforce.

As a fleet manager, it’s essential to adjust your outreach campaigns by targeting women and addressing their concerns. There are several truck driver recruitment campaign strategies you can implement to attract female drivers, including:

  •  Offering flexible work options: More women want flexible work options so they can be available for their families and have work-life balance. Make sure to promote this in your messaging.
  • Showcase women in imagery: If you want to hire more women, advertise with women in your campaigns. Upload pictures of female drivers or workers on your website. Doing this shows that your company envisions a diverse workforce and is valuing their women drivers just as much as the male drivers.
  • Promote advancement opportunities: Everyone wants to work at a job that promises growth opportunities, and women are no different. If they can visualize themselves moving up in the company, they are more inclined to apply and stay for a long time.
  • Listen to Feedback: Make women drivers feel more comfortable by asking for feedback about their job. Do they feel as though they’re being treated fairly? Is there anything the organization can do to make them feel more comfortable?

Attract Younger Generations

The trucking industry typically is composed of an older workforce, leaving the industry in dire need of younger, energetic workers. There are lots of young people who choose to go to a trade school and want to become truck drivers. Younger generations love to travel, and truck driving can be a great career path for them to travel more.

A truck driver recruitment strategy for younger generations should focus on the following:

  • Promote on social media: Many younger generations are finding job opportunities on social media such as LinkedIn. There are higher chances of your organization attracting younger talent by advertising on social platforms that they tend to frequent.
  • Digitize your hiring process: Digital transformation is rapidly innovating all industries. To attract younger talent, you’ll want to ensure applications can be completed online and from mobile phones. Also, if possible, conduct interviews via online conferencing platforms such as Zoom to digitize the process. Technology is becoming a huge factor in recruitment, and your business should follow suit to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Promote work-life balance: Dedicating one’s life to their work is starting to phase out with younger generations. More people want balance so they can spend time with friends, family, or working on other pursuits that interest them. As younger generations handle school, their personal lives, and more, it’s essential to promote work-life balance to catch their attention and retain their loyalty.
  • Advertise your benefits: Younger generations want more than just a paycheck. Health insurance costs are rising, and many younger generations want to ensure that their health is prioritized. By offering such benefits, your fleet has a higher chance of appealing to younger generations.

Appealing to People of Color

To get away from the old, white, male trucker stereotype, fleet managers should prioritize hiring people of color. Promoting diversity and inclusion at your business is the key to being a part of the culture shift for a more diverse workforce.

When hiring minority drivers, your truck driver recruitment strategy should focus on the following:

  • Promoting Diverse Work Culture: People of color want to work in industries that are welcoming and prioritize diversity. Is your company culture welcoming and accepting of everyone regardless of race, religion and political views? Do your workers feel safe, accepted, and supported? If yes, then promote your brand messaging by describing your culture. Inclusivity is an effective strategy for recruiting more minority workers.
  • Be Inclusive in Your Promotional Efforts: Ensure that your advertising campaigns showcase workers of all backgrounds, so people know your company is inclusive. Does your website have images of minority workers? What about your social media? By promoting a diverse workforce, you’re more likely to appeal to a larger scope of individuals.
  • Support Diverse Trucker Organizations: There are many organizations created for minority truckers or women truckers. By supporting these organizations, you are more likely to grab the attention of minority and women workers.

Want to Learn More About How to Promote Diversity & Inclusion?

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