Full Service Truck Leasing

FullSizeRender webA complete package of Services including vehicle spec’ing, financing, purchasing maintenance and disposal. TCI works with our customers to design the leasing package that’s right for your business.

  • TCI and our customers work to specialize the equipment to be the most efficient vehicle for your needs
  • TCI and Ameriquest purchasing ensure cost effective volume purchasing edited
  • Financing is provided as an operating lease.
  • Preventive maintenance by skilled, certified technicians
  • Follow up repairs including parts and labor
  • 24/7 Nationwide roadside assistance
  • Hand Wash Sevice
  • Tire Servicing
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance per DOT, CA BIT program
  • Licensing Service
  • Discounted Fuel Program
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Substitute and Additional Vehicles
  • Custom Decaling and Logo
  • Positive attitude and commitment to your business

The Power of Partnership

Leasing Benefits:

  • Conserve Capital: Leasing has no upfront costs so you can put your capital into revenue generating items. You have a known payment with no surprises (no doc fees, freight etc.) or added tax.
  • Operate Safely: TCI safety managers are available to help train your employees and drivers to increase safety compliance saving lives and money. Rely on our decades of experience in trucking and equipment maintenance.
  • Reduce fixed cost infrastructure: TCI has repair shops and satellite linked mobile mechanics to support and repair equipment and has invested in quality service facilities.
  • Save Time: We take on the hassle of licensing, preventative maintenance intervals, and monitoring fuel tax payment allowing you and your team to focus on running your business.
  • Achieve asset efficiency: rely on TCI to keep maximum uptime. Eliminate “spare” trucks from your fleet by counting on TCI’s rental fleet for substitute and extra vehicle needs. There is no need to keep extra trucks for your busy season.
  • New Trucks: By keeping to a fixed asset life cycle, you benefit from technological advancements and by having equipment in great shape. Count on increased driver retention, efficency and satisfaction. You need not worry about getting the right sale price at the lease term. We can take the Burdon of selling the truck.
  • Tax Advantage: Leasing is an off balance sheet cost, giving your business a comparative tax advantage.
  • Flexibility: We work with you to provide the right equipment and the right services. Not all businesses have the same needs. Short term leases and buy out clauses are available.

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