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Transportation Commodities, Inc. (TCI) was founded in 1978. In the early years, TCI was primarily in the rental and full service lease business of trucks, tractors and trailers.

about01In April of 1985, TCI began a dedicated operation in the Bay Area and to date has over thirty-five dedicated operations. TCI’s client base includes retail, manufacturing, food service, general commodities, logistics warehouse and distribution companies. In these dedicated operations, TCI forms a partnership to provide new levels of customer service and value added synergies while minimizing direct transportation costs.

In dedicated operations, TCI provides specialized equipment, drivers, management and the latest cost-effective technology on the market today. To date, TCI operates full service facilities in the cities of Commerce (L.A.), Bakersfield, Fontana, Stockton, Freemont, Las Vegas and Phoenix. TCI’s vehicle fleet has increased to over 2,000 trucks, tractors and trailers and now employs over 600 personnel.

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TCI’s other business lines include a truckload over the road division, truck and trailers sales, maintenance programs and services to over 1,500 vehicles that are owned and operated by other companies.


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