ADAS Technology Benefits For Experienced Drivers

ADAS Technology Benefits For Experienced Drivers

While a fully autonomous truck network is still many years away, the Advanced Driver Assist System technology is a reflection of excellent work and progress in the motor industry. Manufacturers constantly look for innovative ways to satisfy demand and stay ahead of the competition, and recent ADAS technology seems to be working well, particularly in the trucking industry. With all programs being developed in the motor industry having one common goal: to improve the driver’s safety, it makes sense that the ADAS is a big deal for truck owners and experienced drivers. We’re seeing truck drivers enjoy high-tech camera systems, Radar, LiDAR, and many other bits of technological phenomenon that are leading to more efficiency, safety and comfort in truck driving.

Fuel efficiency

ADAS technology is known to relieve truck drivers of various dangerous and complex elements of the job. According to research, this technology has also brought with it many cost saving opportunities, which is always a primary goal in any industry. In the motor industry, saving money is often achieved by saving on fuel or being energy efficient. In an intensive analysis of the costs of trucking, the American Transportation Research Institute asserted that of all the costs of a carrier, fuel accounts for up to 40 percent. Advanced Driver Assist System technology is built to assist truck drivers prepare for fuel sapping road terrains and plan more efficient routes. A truck driver is provided an insight into the road ahead based on factors like weather conditions, gradient, and traffic conditions. Enabling them to make better decisions in real time, rather than reacting to or dealing with the mess when they find themselves in the middle of it.

Increased road safety

According to the European commission, up to 90 percent of road accidents are a direct result of human error, and any technology that could help mitigate this would be more than beneficial for drivers and other road users. Advanced Driver Assist System technology is powered by many different technologies that collectively assist truck drivers in identifying and dodge potential hazards. Drivers are given timely alerts, and if they don’t react in time, the system takes temporary control of the truck, although the driver still remains in charge of the vehicle. As a truck driver, such a technology would be all you require to avoid the risk of injury or accident while driving. Some key features of this technology include:

  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blindspot warnings
  • Collision warning systems
  • Night vision
  • Electronic stability control
  • Parking aids
  • Front side-view cameras


Driving a truck involves constant strategic decision making, controlling and maneuvering while responding to external stimuli. Though psychological and physiological abilities, experience, age, and other factors contribute to how well the truck is handled or how well the trip ends, most drivers are usually left exhausted from all the mental and physical work done. A recent study actually found that professional drivers experience adverse mental and physical health problems due to adverse work conditions. A good driver assistance system can effectively avert that by supporting an experienced driver with decision making, and even in performing a couple of secondary driving tasks that would increase their comfort and improve their overall driving experience.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems are geared towards making the driver’s work easier and intervening in a number of handling aspects which make the overall task more comfortable. As a driver, you are better able to respond without relying on instincts, while having the assurance that you have an assistant to alert and help you in other ways to prevent hazards. Similarly, life is made easier with a parking warning system and an adaptive cruise control system that relieves much of the mental effort while driving in crowded areas.

Faster delivery of cargo

The trucking industry always works hard to ensure cargo reaches its destination within the shortest time possible. One of the reasons this industry struggles in that regard are issues surrounding tire pressure. Vehicle suspension is one of the main determinants of vehicle control and speed. If you are an experienced driver but cannot control your vehicle due to a poor suspension system, you are likely to stay on the road longer as a result of poor contact between the tires and the road. This is because of poor steering ability, poor handling and lack of even support of the weight being carried by your truck. Tire pressure is an important factor in ensuring proper vehicle suspension and road safety, and having uneven tires can easily lead to more emissions, mileage problems, lower tire tread life and even tire failure, all of which can lead to longer journeys and even serious road accidents.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems are important because it alerts the driver when any of the tires is under-inflated. It has direct and indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TMPS), which measure the rate of tire revolutions and the tire pressure. With such data being relayed in real time, the driver is able to correct the problem in a timely fashion, and avoid possible road mishaps that would otherwise lead to delivery delays.

The Bottom Line

The trucking industry has been looking for better ways to increase efficiency, prevent road fatalities, make driving easier and enhance driver morale, and experienced drivers have always desired to experience more comfort without the fear of accidents and technical issues. Truly, Advanced Driver Assist Systems couldn’t have come at a better time.

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