Affordable New Tech Your Drivers Will Thank You For

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The global electric truck market size was valued at $422.5 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $1,893.1 million by 2027. As the world continues to move more to a sustainable, tech-powered future, it is expected for the trucking industry to be impacted. Now more than ever, there are a plethora of tools and technologies available to truck drivers to streamline the trucking experience. In this article, you will learn about the top tech must-haves for truckers to add to your truck driving essentials kit.

GPS Apps:

GPS is one of the innovative technologies that pivoted truck drivers into a tech-focused sector. Apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and more are becoming more advanced to help truck drivers on the road today. Now, drivers can map out their routes in Google Maps, create stops, and place pins on stops they want to go to during their drive. Waze is the perfect tool for drivers as well because it alerts you when there are unexpected traffic and updates routes in real-time with faster workaround solutions.


Electronic Logbook Devices (ELDs) update the driver’s status in real-time so fleet managers can be aware of the driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) compliance. ELDs have revolutionized the industry and allow drivers to log in and select if they are On-Duty, Off-Duty, or On-Duty Not Driving so the fleet manager knows the driver’s status. ELDs reduce time spent filing endless amounts of paperwork by keeping status updates and information housed in a single device. The FMCSA announced in its Regulatory Impact Analysis for ELDs, that the amount of paperwork savings per driver include:

  • Driver Filling RODS: $487
  • Driver Submitting RODS: $56
  • Clerk Filing RODS: $120
  • Elimination of paper driver logbooks: $42

All of these numbers total up to over $700 in savings for paperwork alone!

CB Radios:

CB Radio is a popular truck gadget for truck drivers. The CB radio is a U.S. FCC Citizens Band Radio that allows drivers to access 40 different CB-only radio channels where drivers can transmit messages over long distances. There are low-end and high-end CB radios on the market, the higher ones allowing for better scanning ability and sound. Low-end CB radios can cost around $40–check out this one here as an example!

Dash Cams:

Since truck driving accidents are common, dash cams can be monumental to have video evidence if an accident were to occur, which makes them a must-have truck driving essential. Dashcams can help prove fault during accidents when issues such as these can be difficult to prove without witness or recorded documentation. Fleet managers should seriously consider purchasing dash cams for their drivers to help motivate drivers to drive carefully and to have documentation in the unwanted case of a truck accident. Dashcams vary in price depending on storage and video quality; however, fleet managers can expect to spend between $50 to $200 per dashcam. View a list of the most popular dash cams here.

Audio Books:

Audible is the newest way to listen to audiobooks and podcasts on the go. Being able to listen to books and continue learning while on the road makes this app a tech must-have for truckers. Fleet managers can expect to pay $7.95/month after trial for audbileplus, or $14.95/month after trial for audible premiumplus, which includes one premium selection title that is yours to keep. Truck drivers can struggle with boredom or an inability to focus while on the road. Audible is an effective solution to help truckers to stay awake and engaged, all while learning at the same time.

WIFI Booster / WIFI Hotspot

To ensures drivers have access to the internet at all times even when it would usually be spotty WiFI boosters and hotspots are becoming more and more common. While there is usually free WIFI at truck stops, sometimes there is interference or the signal is not strong. A WIFI Booster increases the chances of a strong signal and gives your drivers the signal they need to connect. Prices vary for these from $40 to more. Check out the top 10 recommended WIFI extender antennas from Truck Camper Magazine here.

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