Easy Ways to Reward Your Team for Excellence

Easy Ways to Reward Your Team for Excellence

As economies recover and the demand for transport services increases, the IRU states that driver shortages will intensify in 2021. Industry leaders are already struggling to retain good drivers, which impacts business operations and revenue. Being able to maintain a first-class, productive, and motivated team for fleet managers should be a top priority. Learning how to reward your team with incentives, appreciation, and rewards can help ensure your organization retains top talent in an industry with a high turnover rate.

Incentive #1:
Build Personable Relationships

Do not treat your drivers as just employees. People want to be treated as people and recognized for their hard work. Talk to your drivers one-on-one and build meaningful relationships with them so they can feel appreciated. Ask them about their families, their lives, and show interest in them as an individual. Showing trucker appreciation, especially when the roads are becoming more dangerous to drive, is pivotal to establishing the bonds needed to increase employee retention.

Incentive #2:
Give Bonuses to Reward Outstanding Behavior

Rewarding drivers with monetary incentives boosts performance and company loyalty. Truck driving is a demanding, tiring job that requires lots of hard work, time, and dedication. Some trucking companies have given $500 bonus checks to their drivers to support them during unprecedented, difficult times. Amazon has also joined the pledge to support their workers and provided a Thank You bonus, a rewarding program that totaled over $500 million. Full-time delivery service partners received $500, part-time delivery service partners received $250, and Amazon flex drivers received $150 if they had more than 10 hours in June. Bonuses are a great tool to show trucker appreciation and can help with employee satisfaction and retention.

Incentive #3:
Give Drivers Extra Time Off

Regulatory laws have been put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that truck drivers do not overwork themselves on the roads each day. A large majority of accidents are caused each year due to driver fatigue. And on average, truck drivers tend to work 70 hours each week. By giving your drivers extra time off, they will be able to spend more time relaxing with friends and family. When they return to work, they will be gratuitous, well-rested, and appreciative of the company.

Incentive #4:
Surprise Your Drivers with Meaningful Gifts

Another way to show trucker appreciation is to surprise your employees with gifts. Consider the everyday items that your truckers may use and surprise them with those items, whether it is a new portable coffee mug or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Other ideas include buying lunch for all your employees, sunglasses to block out the harsh sun on the road, or items that can make the ride easier. Your employees will thank you and feel rewarded. Gifts are a memorable way to show that you care and help build connections with the employees that matter to your business.

Incentive #5:
Show Appreciation for Their Hard Work

It is no surprise that being a truck driver requires a lot of hard work, time, dedication, and focus. Recognizing the amount of hard work that your employees put in is essential to retaining top talent. Workers want to be understood and treated as people, not just laborers. Simply telling your drivers that you appreciate the amount of time they put in to ensure the business runs the way it should is a meaningful way to establish trust and loyalty.

Incentive #6:
Implement New Technology to Make Their Job Easier

There are many daily frustrations with being a truck driver, so any ways to make their job easier, such as implementing new software, would be greatly appreciated by your staff. For instance, fleet companies are implementing route optimization software to help plan better, faster routes for their drivers. Having a planned-out route that showcases what all to expect on the drive, such as all stops, is pivotal to easing driver frustration and increasing their gratitude.

Incentive #7:
Invite Truckers Families to Join 

Since a majority of truck drivers spend most of the time on the road, they do not get to see their families as often as other working people usually do. To help combat this, reward your drivers with family-friendly gifts such as tickets to an amusement park or movie. You can also host a family-friendly event for all your employees to allow everyone to spend more time with their loved ones. Another wonderful way to show trucker appreciation is to send their families a note stating how thankful you are to have a dedicated, hardworking employee on your team and that you understand how hard the work can be at times. Building relationships with your employees’ families adds a personal connection that increases employee retention and gratitude.

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