Leading The Way In Breast Cancer Awareness

TCI Pink Yard Spotter

Around 12% of women in the United States (1 in 8) will face invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Moreover, breast cancer is the second deadliest type of cancer for women in the country, following lung cancer, and it’s also the second most diagnosed cancer in women, following skin cancer.

For anyone conducting research into this widespread and heartbreaking disease, these statistics are only the beginning, but they do work to demonstrate the severity of this condition and why so many great people and organizations are devoted to curing it. That’s why TCI is proud to be involved in the fight against breast cancer with our most recent campaign in the fight being one of our biggest moves yet.

Why October Is The Pinkest Month of The Year

It was estimated that over 276,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer would be diagnosed in 2020 along with nearly 50,000 non-invasive cases. These staggering numbers go to show just how many families in the United States are impacted by this condition each and every day. Given that some 3.5 million American women are living with breast cancer, having been treated for it or actively receiving treatment for it, TCI couldn’t think of a better cause to support when October came around.

October has been known as Breast Cancer Awareness month since 1985 when the American Cancer Society united with the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries and declared a partnership aimed at focused awareness efforts. Ever since, everyone has known October to be “pink month,” with sports teams, public figures, and countless others sporting pink clothing or pink ribbons in support of this worthy cause.

TCI Breast Cancer Donation Group Photo

TCI Wins Bid at The Kalmar Ottawa Reverse Auction

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our fleet, but it’s not just any Yard Spotter. In support of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kalmar Ottawa recently closed their Reverse Auction where they featured 2 special units devoted to spreading Breast Cancer Awareness and financially supporting research towards a cure.

TCI is proud to say that we were one of two winning bidders – purchasing one of the beautiful Pink Yard Spotters with the recognizable pink ribbon painted on its side. Our winning bid was for more than $100,000, and we were able to donate over $21,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the process. This marks one of our largest charitable donations towards Breast Cancer Awareness so far, and our actions most certainly won’t stop here.

Breast Cancer Awareness & The Trucking Industry

As we go forth as an industry leader in the world of trucking, we are excited to continue seeking out opportunities such as the Kalmar Ottawa Reverse Auction so that we can continue supporting worthy causes like Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fortunately, we aren’t acting alone. In fact, our great industry has a long history of doing so, with countless campaigns going back decades as truckers have painted their rigs pink and worked to spread awareness across the country in all kinds of supportive ways. Here at TCI, we’re honored to be adding our name to the list of supporters and we hope you’ll join us!

Get Involved With Breast Cancer Awareness

As we wrap up October, remember that Breast Cancer Awareness month isn’t quite over yet, and even as it comes to a close, there is still plenty that you can do to help spread awareness to the women in your life. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has identified a number of ways that people like you and our team can get involved in furthering the fight against breast cancer in America and around the world.

Making a donation is perhaps one of the first things that come to mind, and any amount will prove impactful for research or financial assistance. For instance, the NBCF says that a donation of $150 is enough to cover the cost of a mammogram for a woman in need.

The NBCF is also constantly seeking “Community Ambassadors” to help spread information. However, there are plenty of ways you can multiply your efforts even if you have minimal time — like by starting a fundraiser or just wearing pink.

By working together, we can help more women get the information and help they need to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer while also ensuring that organizations around the world have the support required to continue their life-saving research.

Our Mission Continues

As a company, we’re proud to say that we will most certainly be finding opportunities in the future to support BCA and other worthy efforts as we continue up-holding our mission to empower our nation’s people and communities through charity, education, and support initiatives.

So, what are you doing to help in support of BCA? Whether or not you’re able to give, we hope you’ll find the opportunity to wear pink in support of the cause or find another way to get involved.