Trucking Safety Features for Winter 2020

Heading Into Winter: Keeping Drivers Safe On The Road

Winter is one of the loveliest times of the year, even when hard at work. Snow and ice sprinkle the skies and we are encouraged to turn our attention inward. For hard working individuals like fleet truck drivers, winter can also be the perfect time to up awareness while driving. During this season, trucking professionals are advised to equip their tractor trailers with features meant to ensure safety during inclement and icy conditions. Weather can be extreme during winter storms and it is at this time of year when it becomes even more critical to arm a vehicle with proper safety equipment. Safety in long distance trucking is always important, and in winter it is even more so.

High Tech Help for Trucking in Winter 2020

This year there’s a whole new line-up of trucking safety options meant to help keep truck drivers safe while working in a cold climate. Roads can become icy and snow can cloud one’s vision during long distance hauls, so staying safe becomes even more important. Here are a few tools for doing just that.

1. Winter Wear for Safety

Behind the wheel, fleet truck drivers can drive in comfort with a pair of Carhartt Cold Snap Insulated Gloves. These handy gloves make it so that when the trucker has to stop for repairs alongside the road or re-fuel, their hands stay dry and warm. These work gloves are warm, breathable, and built to last. They have a waterproof construction that shrugs off sleet or snow, and wick away sweat to keep you dry. Extra grip on the palm provides a good handle on a wrench or a phone, and the cord-cinch cuffs extend to the forearms. Carhartt products have stood the test of time and are sure to stand by a trucker’s side in cold weather conditions.

Another tool that truckers can use this icy holiday season is a set of Ergodyne’s Trex Slip-On Ice Cleats. These lightweight ice grips for boots have 8 replaceable spike grips and a one-piece design for a snug fit over winter boots to prevent slip and fall injuries on the ice. They provide excellent traction and extra stability on ice and snow no matter how long your trek is.

2. Technology to Keep an Eye on the Winter Weather

One of the biggest trends in trucking has been the increasing use of dash cams. In a time when it often seems like driving getting more dangerous out there, many truckers find a dash cam an absolutely invaluable tool. These tiny little cameras record every detail on the road as it happens. And they add a sense of security knowing that in the worst scenario, you have a way to corroborate your side of the story.

Additionally, they allow Management to foresee any problems that might arise due to inclement weather or logistics issues on a particular route. If the worst should happen, they can also make a big difference in terms of saving cargo, as well as protecting the vehicle itself. These devices allow fleet managers to keep close watch on the safety of both driver and truck.

3. Mobile Applications for Storm Tracking

One wonderful innovation in technology for truckers is the Doppler radar power storm tracking app, Weather Underground.  It is available on iOS and Android devices, and operates on cellular data or Wi-Fi, allowing drivers to monitor weather changes as they occur in real-time. In addition, it comes armed with earthquake plotting, hurricane tracking, and most importantly in terms of the winter months, storm tracking.

It also offers predictive technology as to what route the approaching storms are likely to take in relation to the trucker’s planned route. The technology that allows the app to make these predictions with such accuracy is called TruPoint Technology and comes equipped with what is considered the finest invention in weather tracking technology – NEXRAD HD radar.

Stay Safe Out There

There are many options for truckers this season to ensure their safety and the safety of their vehicles in inclement weather. From heavy duty winter wear to traction devices for treading on ice or snow, truckers are covered when it comes to winter safety. In terms of technology, trucking professionals have access to incredible innovations like weather tracking software and live camera footage of their routes. This snowy winter season, the hard-working truck driver can predict and track any inclement weather that might stand in the way. Equipped with these amazing technologies, any driver will certainly arrive at their destination safe and sound.

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