Vehicle Maintenance: The Easiest Ways to Get More Life Out of Your Truck Fleet

Vehicle Maintenance: The Easiest Ways to Get More Life Out of Your Truck Fleet

Vehicles are essential assets to any company in the transportation industry. Wear and tear on trucks is one of the quickest ways to depreciate the value of your fleet assets. Vehicle maintenance is essential to keeping them in the best condition for as long as possible in order to get the most value out of your investment. In this article, we will cover the easiest ways to increase the lifetime value of your trucks and vehicles.

Why Vehicle Maintenance Is Important for Your Business

Truck care is essential for your business operations because it extends the life of each vehicle, increases safety for drivers, and reduces repair costs. Preventative truck care is the key to preventing breakdowns on the road and keeping your drivers safe on the job.

Breakdowns and other maintenance issues can lead to costly repairs that increase downtime. Consistent vehicle maintenance keeps costs low since the truck will be kept in good condition. By staying attentive to each truck and performing regular maintenance checks and services, the longevity for the asset will increase, maximizing the truck’s efficiency and lifecycle.

5 Ways to Easily Perform Vehicle Maintenance

It’s cost-effective for you and your staff to know how to properly maintain your commercial vehicles. Preventative maintenance can make all the difference in times of accidents, breakdowns, and vehicle longevity. Here are five ways you can better maintain your vehicles in order to get more life out of each truck:

1. Schedule Times for Preventive Maintenance

Whether you have a small or large fleet, preventative maintenance is a must to increase your truck’s lifecycle. Layout a schedule detailing dates and mileage markers to know when a truck will need to be serviced. Keep records of each vehicle detailing when they were last serviced and odometer readings after every job. With this information, you’ll be able to ensure each truck gets the right amount of care based on their amount of time on the road.

2. Use Fleet Management Software

Quality fleet management software keeps track of your fleet and updates you when it’s time for a vehicle to be serviced. This software also has a log of each truck’s mileage, last service appointment, past issues, and more. Integrating technology into your business model is the best way to help stay on top of all aspects of your business since everything is organized into one space. With fleet management software, you can create maintenance schedules, store records, and optimize each truck’s life span.

3. Always Check the Truck’s Tires

Truck tires receive the a tremendous amount of use when on the road, and they’re usually the first parts of the vehicle to cause problems. Keeping tires well-maintained and in check reduces the chance of flat tires which can result in accidents and delays. Make sure drivers check the tire’s pressure before hitting the road to prevent unfortunate circumstances. With proper maintenance and truck care, your drivers can feel safe on the road, resulting in uptime.

4. Train Your Drivers

One of the most important solutions you can implement for your fleet is to thoroughly train your drivers. With training, your staff gains a greater sense of hazard awareness and risk-perception skills, allowing them to take the utmost care when on the road. Teaching your drivers how to effectively maintain vehicles and watch out for potential hazards ensures that your staff will stay safe.

5. Track Driver Behavior

If you want to get the most out of your fleet, it’s critical to ensure your staff is choosing the best routes, selecting cost-effective fuel, and checking their vehicles before getting on the road. Performing maintenance checks before heading out prevents the risk of accidents and is a must for every driver, and maintaining an efficient schedule is crucial. Drivers should be planning their routes ahead of time and prioritizing efficiency to reach their destination. Spending unnecessary time on the road puts more wear and tear on the vehicle.

Want to Learn More About How to Get the Most Out Of Your Fleet?

At TCI Transportation, we provide contract fleet maintenance where our diesel and trailer technicians inspect each vehicle to effectively and efficiently maintain your fleet. You can expect to receive on-site maintenance, warranty repairs and processing, oil changes, discounted rental or substitute vehicles, major repairs (rebuilds, transmission work), tire servicing, and so much more. We keep your fleet running and in good condition, so your trucks have a long lifecycle.

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